Saturday, May 30, 2009


So lately I have been finding it harder and harder to make time for videos and to find inspiration for videos. I guess I have what one would call "video block". I'm very happy to say that I have been getting out a little more and getting to see a lot of family I haven't seen in a while and though it has taken some of my time, it has really helped my demeanor. I feel so much better and my depressive rut is drifting away. Then the few moments I have had to spare as of late, I log on YouTube and see that a lot of negativity has been going on. Honestly, I don't let that bother me. I understand the reason those videos were made and anyone who says they don't understand must be very new to the YouTube makeup community.

Though many of us know that gurus are hard pressed for time it does feel as if you become "friends", like you know them because you have watched them for so long. And of course it would hurt to feel as if you were ignored by a friend. Maybe people should not feel that way but it doesn't mean they don't. I do think people should expect less of gurus but I do think gurus should try a little harder as well. So I can't say I am on either side of this one. But that's not the reason I am writing today.

The biggest reason YouTube has kind of been put on the back burner for me as of late is the subject of originality. I feel as if the YouTube makeup community has become very uninspired and repetitive.

For example: One week "Guru X" posts a video about a certain brand of makeup, soap, nail polish...anything really...and the next week every video you see will be of that particular thing. I just feel as if people have become very uninspired therefore have shifted to hopping on any and all bandwagons that may pass by. Whether it be a certain palette that is all the rage or what.

It really bothers me. I guess that is where my artistic spirit jumps into high gear because I don't like being the same as anyone else. I hate being compared. I pride myself as being a very original person. Not to say that just because one guru gets something others cant but it seems as if YouTube videos these days are a repetition of a select few brands and companies over and over. No variety.

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way...maybe not but I ask you my dear readers... If you would like to see reviews for some other brands you are interested in please, PLEASE!, leave me a comment below with a link or a brand name. I am desperate to get out of this makeup rut and will gladly give them a try.

Thanks for listening to my crazy musings at 4 in the morning.
xoxo Erica

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello my lovely ladies...

Well girls, if you couldn't tell I get bored with things quick. My youtube channel, my backgrounds in my videos.... and especially this blog. I am never happy with the way it looks even after I spend 12 hours fiddling with it. I guess I am such a perfectionist I am never happy. But really I find myself putting off posting here thinking "I will make it look better later and then post."

And then I never end up posting... :S

BUT!!! Today is a new day and I have a lot of great things going on so I figured why not start this beautiful day with a post to the few lovely readers I have and let them know some of the exciting news.

Today is a great day for a couple reasons...

Number One: I will be hopping in the tub and making a video announcing my very first ever contest today and boy is it a nice one. I'll be posting up pictures of the prizes later today right before the video goes up so you guys will have a special sneak peak.

Number Two: The sun is shining so beautifully through my windows I am almost sure I will have good lighting for the videos I record today. :D

Number Three: I have a blogtv tonight at 6PM EST. I love blogtv. It is the neatest thing to get to actually talk to you guys about everything. I love it and I love hearing about your lives.

And Number Four: I have an unlimited supply of coffee.

Yup. Good Day. Good Day Indeed.