Saturday, May 30, 2009


So lately I have been finding it harder and harder to make time for videos and to find inspiration for videos. I guess I have what one would call "video block". I'm very happy to say that I have been getting out a little more and getting to see a lot of family I haven't seen in a while and though it has taken some of my time, it has really helped my demeanor. I feel so much better and my depressive rut is drifting away. Then the few moments I have had to spare as of late, I log on YouTube and see that a lot of negativity has been going on. Honestly, I don't let that bother me. I understand the reason those videos were made and anyone who says they don't understand must be very new to the YouTube makeup community.

Though many of us know that gurus are hard pressed for time it does feel as if you become "friends", like you know them because you have watched them for so long. And of course it would hurt to feel as if you were ignored by a friend. Maybe people should not feel that way but it doesn't mean they don't. I do think people should expect less of gurus but I do think gurus should try a little harder as well. So I can't say I am on either side of this one. But that's not the reason I am writing today.

The biggest reason YouTube has kind of been put on the back burner for me as of late is the subject of originality. I feel as if the YouTube makeup community has become very uninspired and repetitive.

For example: One week "Guru X" posts a video about a certain brand of makeup, soap, nail polish...anything really...and the next week every video you see will be of that particular thing. I just feel as if people have become very uninspired therefore have shifted to hopping on any and all bandwagons that may pass by. Whether it be a certain palette that is all the rage or what.

It really bothers me. I guess that is where my artistic spirit jumps into high gear because I don't like being the same as anyone else. I hate being compared. I pride myself as being a very original person. Not to say that just because one guru gets something others cant but it seems as if YouTube videos these days are a repetition of a select few brands and companies over and over. No variety.

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way...maybe not but I ask you my dear readers... If you would like to see reviews for some other brands you are interested in please, PLEASE!, leave me a comment below with a link or a brand name. I am desperate to get out of this makeup rut and will gladly give them a try.

Thanks for listening to my crazy musings at 4 in the morning.
xoxo Erica
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Anonymous said...

Erica. I honestly love you and love to watch your videos but I find this post a bit hypocritical on your part. I first started watching you (pre CS drama) because you were just a normal person making videos on makeup, no necessarily a guru. Then your videos, tweets, blogs all started to become "how can I get my hand on MAC items?" "what name brand nail polish should I get?". You talk about originality, but you are following the same footsteps as the others. You even mention makeup palette but you ALWAYS jump on the bandwagon with the palettes that are going around and make videos on them. I know you are probably going to delete this post but this is my honest opinion. I feel like your focus on out do-ing other gurus on youtube had taken away what many subscribers liked so much of you. I feel like you are constantly trying to out do some of them and when you can't you rant and talk about negativity. I hate what the youtube makeup community has become (specially after that youtube video ranting on the gurus) you gave that person the time of day adding to the negativity when you were barely mentioned. I don't know. I would really like to keep watching your videos and following your blog, but I am finding it harder and harder. I just want to watch makeup videos.

lizardcow said...

Erica - Do what makes you happy, or what you are interested in! Though if I had a request it would be simple and basic stuff (I found you because of your mineral foundation tutorial). I realize that isn't as much fun for you though, and it is great to watch you do anything, even if I don't use the more complicated looks they still interest me. One of the nicest things about you is that you explain and research so extensively. Keep it up!

EricaLeigh777 on May 30, 2009 at 7:21:00 PM CDT said...

Hey Anonymous! No girl, I am not going to delete your post. But I really wish you would have left your name and I wouldn't have been mad. I thank you so much for voicing your opinion and that is actually one of the things that I was scared people would say so I am glad I get to address it. :D

I really don't consider myself a "guru" per se. More of just a girl who knows a little bit and wants to share and learn from others but I love the youtube experience. As far as the MAC makeup thing I will be completely honest about that. I have had so many people leave comments and say "How does this compare to Mac this or mac that?" And I didn't have any MAC things at all. So I finally decided I may as well get a few things to compare and honestly if you notice the most viewed videos are videos using those products I'm not sure why but they are. I was excited when I saved up the money because I THOUGHT that people wanted looks using those products and that people would be happy I could compare. After that first order I never ordered again. I got a few things I thought I could use and that was it. And now I don't even use them in videos because when I did people said I had changed. But really I did it for the people who had asked for it. :(

As far as the nail polish thing on here I will be honest. I have always wanted nice nails but my nails won't grow.So when the nail polish thing started I said to myself there is no need in me even trying it because my nails wont grow anyway. But I happened to read a message board saying China Glaze has hardeners built in that may keep nails from breaking off. So I ordered a couple just to see what it will do and I don't think I will ever do a video over those because like I said nails are not my thing. It was just a personal experiment :D

I do agree that all gurus are guilty of jumping on the bandwagon, myself included and that is the reason I have grown so tired of youtube. I don't want to have to buy the next big thing every month to just keep people interested and I think that is what has happened. It seems like if you don't use what is big at that time or keep up with it you will lose subscribers. So I'm not being hypocritical I just want it all to stop. And for me it has, I'm on a mission to find new brands and new awesome products to talk about not just the same ole same ole because I think it will make me a lot happier and the subscribers too. :D I'm not trying to out do anyone. Obviously that is impossible and we are all equally cool in our own right so I would never say that or try to do that. I just want to be the best I can be for you guys.

The negativity part had more effect on me then you would think, but I wont go into that. Let's just say there were a few people messaging me and commenting me saying some things but that's the past. But I don't understand what you mean by "I feel like you are constantly trying to out do some of them and when you can't you rant and talk about negativity." I really am not trying to outdo anyone and the negativity issue was not about that at all. I said exactly what all my subscribers said in my blogtv. That both sides need to mature and help each other. Just my 2 cents.

I just want to say I sincerely apologize you feel that way. And I am trying to make things better for me. And for me that is by using a variety of products and doing the best I can.
Please feel free to comment back and leave your name. :D

xoxo Erica

pnchamilton on May 30, 2009 at 10:18:00 PM CDT said...

erica i agree with your reply anonymous ! we all go with the trends sometime-i mean ithink its because we see someone talk about something n think oh that sounds nicve or looks really nice , and yes because for somepeople to copy or jump on the bandwagon. i found no wrong in you saying tha you really wanna change it up and talk about products that arent or hardly eever talked about ! i respect you and commend you on your youtube page ! of coarse you want to be liked and well recieved , who wouldnt most of the people in the makeup community would say (if they werent already) yes i want to have sevral subscribers and yes i wouldn like to make partner andwould be happy if they did that doesnt mean you are trying to out do anyone !
i enjoy your vids greatly and i really enjoy yout tweets,blogs,blog tv and any thing else that you do , i have never thought that you came across has power hungry, snobie , rude or hypocritical. i do respect anonymous's opinon and i can understand how maybe they feel things are differnt but overall i feel that you are just a girl who loves makeup and islearning new things and trying out newproducts(expanding your cosmetic horizions) i think its safe to say that most people on youtube use new things all the time and weather its mac or elf i dont think it has any reflection on a persons character.
i guess thats al i wanted to say... in a nut shell i dont think you have changed and i think if i met you in "the real world" that you wouldbe a awsome nice genuwine girl who loves makeup...i guess thats it im sorry if i rambled!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica..this is someone else not the first person who commented..I just want to say that I really think you have a good and caring heart and sometimes people like to bring someone like you down just cuz they have nothing better to do with their life..I enjoyed watching your videos and dont care if you use Mac or not..somewhere and somehow youtube became boring to me and their seems to be a lot of gossip going on between the other gurus just like when CS was the hot thing to order from and now it seems like LUSH..and I noticed you got pulled into all this guru drama, to me it seems in time all gurus turn into snobs..and im glad somehow you did not..I do not have a twitter account and for some reason every makeup video i watch the GURU SAYS.."WELL IF YOU FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER..." who gives a flip just cuz i dont follow on twitter i cant get that coupon so to me TWITTER IS THE KRAZE..LOL

this one guru called FUNKYEYESHADOW is not in all the hype and she does what she wants and like that and it reminded me of you back in the day..sorry for going on and on but my advice to you is WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE SAY JUST DO YOU..and if they dont like it oh well..and i will always still watch your videos know matter what..god bless..

Jenn said...

Miss Erica again i have to say you are doing a great job. Keep it up you a very true person not fake at all.You are super funny and always have me laughing you brighten my day. Forget all the bad stuff people are saying do they pay your bills NO lol that's how i see things when people don't like something. As i have became older had kids blah blah blah lol. Keep your head up you do great forget a nice background and all that fake stuff lol.Always Remember one thing no matter how hard you try to make things look perfect guess what you have people still talk bad things i know i know it sucks lol that's life. But hang in there girl take care can't wait to keep watching more of your videos i love them..

gstix on June 2, 2009 at 9:06:00 PM CDT said...

I am sorry that you have to deal with these things. But it's how things work. There are products that are actually bad for your skin, but companies promote them as the new must have cure for all your beauty issues.

Which is why I like you. You break it down. And talk about ingredients. And what they can an can't do. You genuinely care about the effect products can have on a person's health and skin.

The attitude of "it causes breakouts on a bunch of people but because it's brand X, it's great so you should use it" is what's wrong.

You've said use products that work on our skin and skin type. You've shared your skin struggles and that kind of integrity is rare. You are a strong young woman. Use that as your motivation.

Do what comes natural to you and put knowledge behind the products you use and promote.

That brings me to my suggestion of products. Your style reminds me of Paula Begoun and her products Paula's Choice. I think she could really inspire you.

I'd love to know what you think.

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