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Makeup Tips by Erica

Hey guys! So I am uploading a video right now full of some awesome makeup tips to help you guys out. I'm about to go get ready and film a tutorial and I am thinking of doing a blog post review on the China Glaze and OPI nail polish I picked up. Everyone says they are the best and that because China Glaze has hardeners in it it will help your nails not break but I have to say I wasn't that impressed. :(

Anywho here are the Makeup Tips I wrote out. Let me know if they are helpful. :D

Hey guys! Today I am going to let you in on a few makeup tips I thought might help you out. I do many videos on makeup application and throw in tips here and there but I thought It might help to put a bunch of tips in one place. These are only a few of hundreds of tips. Subscribe to my youtube if you find this helpful and leave a comment here or there if you would like me to do another one of these again in the future. Now onto the tips...

Before you begin your makeup application you will need to prepare in a few ways. Number one will be the most obvious. Picking the makeup you want to use.

If you are makeup beginner or just like to play it safe with your makeup then go with neutrals. These are colors such as tan, brown, gold, plum...Colors that will enhance your eyes without drawing as much attention as say a bright orange eyeshadow would. I'm a firm believer that anyone can wear any color but it's always good to have a neutral look prepared for places like work or school or even those lazy mornings when you just don't want to bother with picking out colors.

Here are some tips on picking your perfect shades that will make your eyes pop without making you look clownish.

For Brown eyes, I love going with a golden color. If you have even the smallest gold flecks in your eyes this will bring that out and also it will complement the brown and show off the color. Brown eyes tend to be forgotten but never forget it is all about color choices. If you pick a complementary color you can pull the attention to your eyes. Brown, pink, blue and gold help and will brighten the eyes to make them pop. For even more drama do a more dramatic eye look and a subtle or nude colored lip.

For Blue Eyes: Blue Eyes already pop the most out of any eye coloring but if you want to bring them out even more try using browns, rose and violets. The warm coloring will contrast and bring out the blue. Also try using a white eyeliner on the bottom lashline. This will look nice with any eye shade but particularly brings out the lightness of bright blue eyes.

For Green or Hazel eyes, I love using purples, plums, mauves, lilacs, golds, bronzes, greens, browns, pinks, and peaches. Green eyes are really the most versatile when it comes to shades that will not take too much attention away from the natural eye color, but they can also look washed out very easily. Try to avoid cool colors such as whites, silvers, blues and pastels.

If you are going for a neutral look I will always suggest a medium to dark brown eyeliner. If you want a true brown that doesn't wear off or smudge during the day and you are comfortable using a brush with eyeliner I suggest trying the Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner. Available for around 3.99 at most supercenters and drugstores. If you would rather stick with pencil formulas try the Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liners available in many shades for around 7.99 a piece depending upon the store you purchase it.

As for mascara I would also stick with a brown or black brown. Black is fantastic but it can look harsh against browns and neutral looks. Especially during the early day. For the most natural look steer clear but if you dont mind the spotlight brush away.

Blush: Your best bet with is to find your own natural blush coloring and mimic it with your blush color. Step outside on a cold day, when you come back in look in the mirror to gauge the color of your cheeks, or check out your cheeks after a brisk walk or work out. Are they more plum, pink, peach? This blush color will give you the most natural looking result.

Foundation: Foundation is the trickiest of all makeup because it is the hardest to get right. If you are going for a natural look though you may be in luck. If your skin is in good shape and you don't need the full coverage some foundations offer try a tinted moisturizer. These will give you very little coverage but are quick to apply in the morning and will help to conceal any small flaws. Need more coverage but don't want it too heavy? Apply any foundation with a wet sponge and you will get a sheerer coverage. It also helps blendability so if you do happen to fudge the color choice up a little bit it will be a lot less noticeable.

Eyebrows: Overplucked? Pretty much anyone can get away with using a light taupe eyeshadow to fill in their brows in a pinch. Try putting some on the end of a q-tip if you dont have a brush and only placing where brows are sparse. Eyebrow pencils can look too harsh for an everyday look unless blended out well.

Make sure you always start out your makeup application with a clean and moisturized face as well as clean hands. Bacteria and germs are bad for your skin especially when they are stuck under makeup all day.

After that you can go straight to applying foundation or you can use a primer. A lot of companies have been making "makeup primers" as of late. While many argue they are fantastic others argue they are useless. I would suggest only shelling out the dough if you are having a problem with your makeup wearing off or you have super oily skin. Using a primer can dramatically cutdown how many times you have to blot your nose during the day. Of that I'm sure.
Examples of Primers:
Laura Geller Spackle
Mac Prep n Prime
Smashbox photo finish

Want eyeshadow to last longer? Many companies are also producing eyeshadow "primers" I swear by them. They help eyeshadow stick better, blend easier and the colors will look a lot more vibrant but at 16$ a pop some people think it is just too much. Instead try using saline contact solution to wet your sponge applicator or brush when you put it on. The salt in the solution will help the shadow adhere better to your eye therefore making it last longer. Of course this will not be as big of a difference as if you had used a "primer" but it's worth a shot. Remember not to dip a wet brush directly on an eyeshadow or it can ruin it. Instead take a credit card or piece of cardboard and scrape off a tiny bit onto a tissue and dip your brush onto it, this way you wont ruin your shadow.:D Or you can try a long wearing shadow. The best drugstore one I have found are the Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow. Those babies really can last all day.

Apply chapstick to your lips as least 10 minutes before you apply your lipstick. This will give it time to sink in and will help lipstick glide on more smoothly. If you apply it right before then the lipstick will just slide off or wont go on at all. If you don't apply chapstick sometimes the lipstick will accentuate any dry skin you have on your lips. And don't forget many lipsticks are drying so putting on chapstick before you apply will lock in those moisturizing ingredients all day.

Want to set your makeup when you are done? Trying lightly misting your face with water. This will set the makeup and get rid of a powdery look.

Try using a brush to apply your face powder it wont look as cakey as it can when applied with a puff.

In a hurry? Try just mascara and a flavored lipgloss. Your eyes will look open

and awake and the smell of your lipgloss alone will get you out the door.

Want a longer lasting lip alternative? Try a lip stain. Your lips will literally be stained with the color. Don't like a matte finish? Apply a clear gloss or chaptstick over top.

Want to make eyes appear larger and more awake? Focus your mascara most on the outer lashes.

Want dewy skin? Trying mixing a little whiteish gold loose eyeshadow in with your foundation in the morning. Just enough to give a glow.

Want to make your face look smaller? Add a matte bronzer just under your cheekbones to slim the face and then just apply your regular blush where you normally would.

Have enlarged pores? Avoid using glitter or shimmer on your cheeks or it will accentuate them even more. Try matte blushes and bronzers for a more smooth skinned look.

Want to see another one with more tips? Let me know! Thanks for reading! :D
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thanks for those tips, girl!
i really appreciate them.
the tip for glowy skin is a great idea, i think i'll try it tomorrow!

thanks again! :)

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great tips! love it x

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