Thursday, April 23, 2009 Individual Eyeshadows!

If you haven't heard Stars Makeup Haven has recently got in individual shadows for sale. So far they have 15 colors but over the next month or so they will be getting in many more. I was recently sent them to review and I must say they are fantastic.

Pigmentation is phenomenal, texture is smooth. I am in love with these things and I have used them everyday since I got them. You may have seen a few videos on these already but under another name "hot pots". If you are looking to buy these from a trustworthy company with great customer service than stars makeup haven is the place to go! I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Check out my video review below...


Here are a few pictures of the shadows for your viewing pleasure. As always you can simply click the picture to make it larger. Enjoy!


SWATCHES IN ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING: Top Row:Cocoa, Frenzy, Cashmere, Dominatrix, Champagne, Cougar, Divine, Sunrise, Fresh
Bottom Row: Regal, Metro, Smoke and Mirrors, Plum Crazy, Glam, Something Blue

SWATCHES IN NATURAL LIGHTING:Top Row:Cocoa, Frenzy, Cashmere, Dominatrix, Champagne, Cougar, Divine, Sunrise, Fresh
Bottom Row: Regal, Metro, Smoke and Mirrors, Plum Crazy, Glam, Something Blue

IN THE 28 PAN PALLETE also from
Eyeshadow of the day using Cashmere, Champagne and Dominatrix.
Tutorial coming tomorrow :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

Didn't have the time to do a video on this one so off to blogland it goes!

Product Name:
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (US)
Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation (UK)

I picked it up in a value pack from Wal-Mart. The pack included a Dream Matte Powder in the matching shade along with it for only $8.00US but by itself it will set you back between $8.00-$12.00US depending on the store.

Packaging and Look:

The packaging is great. Not only is it in a nice glass bottle but it comes with a pump. This will help you use less product and it is also more sanitary. As you can see by the picture next to the first paragraph it comes with a cover for the pump as well. The pump is also lockable which is fantastic for travel but it does feel a little flimsy. The pump may break some time on down the road so do keep that in mind.

The look of the labeling is pretty plain no frills about this one but I do like the fact that the ingredients take up the entire back label instead of being written very small on the main bottom like they are trying to hide it, many companies do that and if you have bad eyes like me it's annoying if you are interested. :D

I really don't like the fact that they write airbrush finish directly on the bottle. To me that is a little misleading as no liquid foundation can be that light/natural or give that truly poreless effect as a $700US airbrush machine can. But maybe it's close? Keep reading and find out!

This is a thicker liquid foundation it almost feels like a gel mixed with a mousse. It has the smooth feel of a gel but you can definitely feel the little air bubbles in it like you can in the original dream mousse foundation. This consistency makes it very easy to apply ( as in feels super smooth and easy going on) but can cause streaking if you aren't very careful.

Color Selection:
This is where I was really let down by this product. As you can see I picked up Light #2: Classic Ivory and it is far from light. The lightest shade, Light 1 is VERY pale and very pinkish toned. Then Light 2 is pretty dark and very beige toned. There is really nothing in between. And then Light 3 is way lighter than light 2 and pink toned again. It makes no sense. I could not find a color in this line that worked for me at all. So you may have trouble as well.


--Lovely Matte Finish
--Great packaging design. Very Hygienic.
--Ingredients listed on the bottle in big enough print to read :D
--Very hydrating to the skin...
--Does make large pores look a lot better, not completely disappear but better.

--Even with a primer this foundation lasted no more than an hour on my skin. I was a complete oil slick.
--Color selection is horrible in my opinion.
--Very streaky application, just took too much time to get it to look right.
--Definitely oxidized and turned orange on me.

Overall Opinion:
This is definitely not an airbrush machine...but it helps. I experienced no breakouts with this foundation which really surprised me but I think this would be a better foundation for people with dry to normal skin. It is very hydrating but with oily skin that just accentuates the shininess. I think on someone with dry to normal skin it probably wouldn't oxidize either because the oil is what causes that problem.

Overall if you have dry to normal skin and are looking for a hydrating foundation that does reduce the look of pores I would say give it a shot. I warn you the colors are completely out of order so do keep that in mind if you decide to try it. And it may take a little bit to get the application down so it's not streaky but if you do find a color match I think you will be extremely happy with it. ( But it from a store with a good return policy so you can find your color! Or I even heard you can buy tester cards on ebay :D ) It's super affordable, and really does give a better finish then some $30 foundations.

But to all you oily skinned girls, stay away from this one. It just slides off your face in a matter of minutes.

And make sure you get it all off when you wash your face at night because I found it would stick in some places better than others, especially around the hairline it was a little difficult to remove for some reason.

So yeah, there's my review. Hope it was helpful in some way. Now if only someone would make the perfect matte finish foundation for us oily girls. *sigh* Hey! A girl can dream can't she?

'Til next time,
xoxo Erica

Monday, April 13, 2009

Revamped Blog...

Well as you can clearly see the blog is looking a little spiffier today. That would be due to me staying up all night and reworking the html to make it match my youtube channel. Though it was hard work I must say I am quite proud. I think one of the reasons I posted so sparingly here was because I really didn't like the look of my blog and with classes, didn't really have the time to change it.

But lately I have been reading some great blog posts and noticing how much more subscriber interaction there is in blogging. I really like talking to my subscribers and I love the fact that if I don't have time to make a video on something I can always just update or swatch here, that way I never have to go long without updating something. Plus there are always little prodcuts I am testing out here and there that I can talk about here if an entire video would be too much.

If this is your first time visiting my blog,... Welcome! My name is Erica and I am a self proclaimed makeup junkie. I do instructional makeup videos on youtube as well as reviews on different prodcuts. If you have not checked out my youtube channel please do. Click here: MY YOUTUBE

Since the revamping of my youtube channel has inspired me to do some great videos lately I am hoping this will do the same for my writing. Nothing perks me up and gets my creative juices flowing like sunflowers. There is something about them that just makes me insanely happy.

This coming week I will be recording a few tag videos as well as some hair tutorials and makeup tutorials. So be on the lookout for new vids coming soon. I also have a couple of reviews that will be exclusively on my blog and I am working on those as well. I think spring has really enlivened my spirit and really given me the vigor to put a lot more effort into my online hobbies. And for some reason that has given me a lot of peace. I really feel like I am where God needs me to be and I really feel like I am helping. That is a very nice feeling. I thank each and every one of you for subscribing, watching and reading and I only hope I can live up to your expectations.

Here's to updating often!