Monday, August 13, 2012

Texas, YEEHAW!

Hey Everyone! I bet you'd never guess but I am currently typing somewhere other than KY! That's right, this chick made it out of the bluegrass state and down to good old Texas. (Silly me thought my accent wouldn't stick out so bad as long as I was still in the south...boy was I wrong!) After over a 1000 mile drive with a 2 year old in the backseat of a PT Cruiser filled with stuff, I finally made it down to reunite with my husband.

For those who didn't know my husband joined the united states Airforce. I got to fly down in June to San Antonio, TX and watch his graduation from Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base.

Yeah, ignore the fact the sun was in my eyes like crazy and I look a hot mess, because it was 110 freaking degrees and I probably just walked 3 miles because we had no rental car. lol

I have never been more proud, other than the day I had my son of course, than my husbands graduation weekend. Basic Military Training is no joke, and if you are thinking about joining I highly suggest getting into shape before you go or you are going to have it a lot rougher than you have too! Anyways, yes, my husband is amazing. (He got it from being with me for 5 rubs off I'm told. :P)

After that and more waiting, I finally got to be reunited with my love! So now that we are all settled in in TX and things are going pretty well, I figured I could start back doing some youtube and blogging. Blogging is probably going to be a little easier for me than making a video would be just because Eric is on a crazy schedule and I don't have anyone to keep James from pouring an entire box of cheerios into one of my saucepans and stirring it with a toy screwdriver, ...yes ladies with no children these things do happen.

Unfortunately my camera and macbook are both on the fritz but I do have an iphone camera and my husbands new computer so I am going to try and make do. I've got a few hair tutorials planned, home decor stuff, diy stuff, stuff about being an airforce wife etc. Just all things about my life. Maybe even some things about scripture I'm reading or loving at that time, stuff on parenting and toddlers etc. And of course reviews  on makeup, hair stuff, and other random products I see fit to review. My whole life is not makeup and hair and at this point I want to do videos and posts on all kinds of things so if that is cool with you I'll see you soon!

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